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Crushing the Middle Class
Angry? Then Re-Register!

Our battle-cry is “Re-Register!” Our inspiration is the freedom-lovers at Lexington and Concord in 1775 and at Tahrir Square in 2011. Do you, like them, love freedom?

If you, like us, REJECT the status quo of endlessly turn-style, politics-as-usual from BOTH major political parties, then go to our blinking purple button and ‘Re-Register!’

If you, like us, RESIST accepted ways of thinking, where so much ideological hate, negative campaigns, and back-stabbing rudeness are tolerated in BOTH major parties, then ‘Re-Register!’ Re-Registering is your protest vote!

If you, like us, REBEL against closed minds and extremism in BOTH major parties, then go to our blinking button and ‘Re-Register!’ Don't riot in the streets; protest vote!

If you, like us, REVOLT against the legal corruption in BOTH major parties that is "toilet-flushing" the middle class into Lost Decades of economic stagnation, then, dammit, stop whining, get off the couch; Re-Register as your protest vote!

The American government isn’t broken; it is the two hate-filled ideological parties, both Democratic and Republican, which are ‘broken.’ Our Constitution and government are NOT the problem. So: Take away governing from BOTH broken parties that have abused the privilege! Grab a broom and sweep them BOTH out! DuoFreedomists intend to FIX the problems, not merely ‘reform/change’ them.

Our battle-cry is “Re-Register!” If you are either a non-partisan or bi-partisan angry moderate; wanna help? First: go Re-Register at our blinking purple button. Then link our website on your FaceBook or Linkedin page or Twitter page. Be a loyal, patriotic, July 4th revolutionary! Rebel & Revolt!

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